Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

We built towers towards the sky
We didn’t want to scrape, we were determined to soar
We put men in stiff suits within them, to determine where to go next
Touching the clouds isn’t enough, we wanted to ride them
And when that wasn’t enough
We’d break through to constellation territory
We’d learn to breath their air
And live in their spaces
We’d look towards planets
Think up ways to inhabit those also
We’re still going though
We won’t rest until we find…something.
To tell us we’re worthy
To tell us we’re loved
To tell us we’re seen.

We’ll build church walls consecrated to God
We’ll mimic heaven
We’ll gold plate everything
Paint like the Master of the skies
Intricate detail
Incredible colours
Statues will capture moments of those gone by
We’ll pray, sing and breathe in the very air God does
We’ll play stringed instruments to sunsets as it melts away
Leaving us with just ourselves
We’ll look inwards for the secrets of generations
Inwards for peace

We’ll try to find it in the self
We’ll try to find it in each other
We’ll try and search for it in relationships
We’ll rummage around for it in our careers
We’ll turn the place upside for it in our marriages
We’ll dig deep for it with our counsellors
We won’t stop until we know that we are worthy, loved and seen.

For all that we are, and all that we do and all that we attempt to mimic and imitate
Nothing will ever replace His love for us
From the ground up, He built us to worship
To put our worth in Him
In Him who knows, who sees, who loves, who laughs, who knows peace, who is peace, who knows true joy, who is true joy.
Who fights for our attention and who wishes we’d [control, alt, delete], our lifeline to Him
And reset in His presence
In Him is fullness of joy
To Him who lets justice flow like a river
Oceans of it
He won’t stop, so we must listen, heed His cry, His roar
Know that He is the Lion of Judah
Maker and breather of the stars
And yet still yours
Still mine

May we know that anything aside from placing our worth in Him is in vain
Like grass blowing in the wind of a field one day
And then cut for the harvest the next
It is all smoke and mirrors
Man-made smoke, man-made mirrors
All in vain.

I wrote this in a season of just realising (once again) that earthly possessions and everything we gather on this earth is in vain. If 2020 showed us anything it’s the fickleness and frailty of everything. Whole industries will fall, stock markets will crash and what we put our hope into, what we deem as worthy and what we hold dear isn’t guaranteed to be there forever. This not only teaches us to cherish every single moment but also look towards something that’s eternal. I’ve realised that only God satisfies that giant hole inside. We were created to worship and to live in freedom and in fullness of joy but this life and all the crap that happens and the fragility of it all, it’s not worth putting all (if any) of our hope in. Cherish what you have and keep growing but also rest in the fact that we have a personal God, waiting for us to realise that He is all we need. To know that we can put our hope in Him and He will never fail.