hi there,

my name is Rosalind Bootle. I’m 25, I love Jesus and I’m a marketing assistant for a small tech company. I have wanted my own little corner of the internet to occupy for a while and you’ll soon learn that I get fascinated by pretty much everything.

there are many things in life that I love and here are a few: I love colour, I love being creative, give me a day where I have a paintbrush in one hand and my mouse hovering over illustrator in the other and make sure there is coffee nearby because I’ll need it. I love travelling, I love reading, I love poetry and journaling, I like staring at mountainous regions but I do not enjoy climbing them. I love music and will be listening to r&b one day and Einaudi the next. I’m big on wanting to decorate everything I own so you can normally find me in a charity shop pretending I know how to do interior design. On the flip side, I’m a bit of a self-confessed hoarder. If I could describe myself as a building it would be a museum because I just love keeping those old thangs and find it hard to let go of things with sentimental value. I love people and conversation, I like learning people’s stories and *trying* to make my own. I try to see the adventure in the everyday, even if I’m just going to the corner shop. I have so many favourite things, I love AMERICA, especially the east coast because that’s all I’ve been to. I want to visit New Orleans one day and listen to jazz on a porch surrounded by plants on a rainy day. I love coffee shops that mimic barns and look rustic chic. My bedroom looks like an amalgamation of Morocco and India. I love to get lost in films, books and games.

Welcome to the adventure, may you find great joy in all things xo